Got Talent?

Just about anything you read these days in Supply Chain includes the ‘War on Talent’.  When you think about talent – it’s a wide area including the talent attraction, development and retention.  To that end, CSCMP is a smart resource for any company that is looking to deepen in all areas of talent.

I’ve been an advocate of CSCMP Roundtables for many years.  The Twin Cities Roundtable really got me to see the true value.  When I moved to Milwaukee for my job at GE Healthcare, I checked the website to find out about the Milwaukee Roundtable.  I was surprised to there was not an active RT.

Fast forward to 2012: in May 2012, a group of talented supply chain professionals and educators came together to re-launch a Milwaukee CSCMP Roundtable.  Included were Shippers, Universities, Providers and students with great energy, can-do spirit and diversity of talent.  We read through the by-laws, established a board and held 3 high quality events.  I’m so proud of what this team has accomplished in terms of the re-launch, communications, social media, growing membership, providing events that help develop talent and provide networking, while also growing our young professionals.  We’ll save the annual stats for another communication.

Now that we are fully launched, with an awesome Board – we look forward to working with the rich base of companies in the Milwaukee area – to support them on all areas of Supply Chain Talent.  We look forward to deepening our role with the three great Universities we have here in Milwaukee/Madison that provide Supply Chain education.  We look forward to further partnering with other CSCMP Roundtables and visiting when we travel.  Very importantly, we look forward to delivering more than 20 high quality events in the next year to help YOU develop your supply chain experiences, skills and networks.

What are you doing to develop supply chain talent?  Are you connected to CSCMP Roundtables?  If not, you’re missing a great opportunity to develop and retain what brings a competitive advantage to your company –your talented people!

Claudia Knowlton-ChikeClaudia Knowlton-Chike
President, CSCMP Milwaukee Roundtable

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