Networking and Dinner with WisDOT on the Waterfront

us41Wisconsin is open for business and that means improvements to our infrastructure.  The Milwaukee and Northeast Roundtables hosted a joint event showcasing one of the many projects underway.

The topic was the I41 conversion. I41 is an important stretch of roadway used by 40% of the entire state’s traffic.  After networking, attendees learned about the conversion from our speakers Tammy Rabe and Scot Harrington with the WisDOT.  Because of this project, many more businesses will view the Wisconsin roadways as a key strength in site selection.

At the end of the presentations, the speakers took questions and comments about area buy in and the possibility of attracting an Amazon warehouse (not yet on the radar).  This event was also attended by a large group of supply chain students from UW-Madison.  Thanks to all for making this event a success!

Got Talent?

Just about anything you read these days in Supply Chain includes the ‘War on Talent’.  When you think about talent – it’s a wide area including the talent attraction, development and retention.  To that end, CSCMP is a smart resource for any company that is looking to deepen in all areas of talent.

I’ve been an advocate of CSCMP Roundtables for many years.  The Twin Cities Roundtable really got me to see the true value.  When I moved to Milwaukee for my job at GE Healthcare, I checked the website to find out about the Milwaukee Roundtable.  I was surprised to there was not an active RT.

Fast forward to 2012: in May 2012, a group of talented supply chain professionals and educators came together to re-launch a Milwaukee CSCMP Roundtable.  Included were Shippers, Universities, Providers and students with great energy, can-do spirit and diversity of talent.  We read through the by-laws, established a board and held 3 high quality events.  I’m so proud of what this team has accomplished in terms of the re-launch, communications, social media, growing membership, providing events that help develop talent and provide networking, while also growing our young professionals.  We’ll save the annual stats for another communication.

Now that we are fully launched, with an awesome Board – we look forward to working with the rich base of companies in the Milwaukee area – to support them on all areas of Supply Chain Talent.  We look forward to deepening our role with the three great Universities we have here in Milwaukee/Madison that provide Supply Chain education.  We look forward to further partnering with other CSCMP Roundtables and visiting when we travel.  Very importantly, we look forward to delivering more than 20 high quality events in the next year to help YOU develop your supply chain experiences, skills and networks.

What are you doing to develop supply chain talent?  Are you connected to CSCMP Roundtables?  If not, you’re missing a great opportunity to develop and retain what brings a competitive advantage to your company –your talented people!

Claudia Knowlton-ChikeClaudia Knowlton-Chike
President, CSCMP Milwaukee Roundtable

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Tour of Coca-Cola Refreshments Warehouse Highlighting Voice Recognition

The CSCMP Milwaukee Roundtable group, including top executives and professors from both Wisconsin and Illinois, at the Coca-Cola facility in Milwaukee, WI.

Chris Schram of Coca Cola hosted a sold out tour for the CSCMP Milwaukee roundtable on January 17th.  This tour was filled with top executives and professors from both Wisconsin and Illinois.  GE Healthcare was in attendance along with professors from top colleges and other senior executives from companies like UPS, Johnson Controls, SC Johnson and many more.

The tour began with an outstanding networking session.  The group was then treated to a “life of a can” video.  After the video, participants performed a voice pick exercise by splitting into 3 groups which included a Coca Cola manager and an order builder.  The highlight of the tour was a demonstration of the voice pick technology used at the distribution center to build and ship customer orders.

Throughout the event there was ample opportunity to network with fellow logisticians. Everyone was very grateful for the hospitality demonstrated by Coca Cola by allowing a tour of their amazing facility.

Milwaukee Roundtable Re-launch

More than 50 people, including MBA students from UW-Madison’s Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management, attended the CSCMP Milwaukee Roundtable re-launch event.

On October 11th, over 50 people gathered for the re-launch of the Milwaukee CSCMP Roundtable. There was excitement in the air, as we hosted our first event at the GE Healthcare Institute.   The keynote speaker for the evening was Evan Armstrong, President of Armstrong & Associates, Inc.  The topic for the evening was Domestic and International Third-Party Logistics Trends & Analysis. We began the evening with networking, food and beverages.

Kicking off the meeting, Claudia Knowlton-Chike, Global Logistics Executive at GE Healthcare and Milwaukee CSCMP Roundtable President, provided a brief overview of the Roundtable mission and Milwaukee Board.  She highlighted what a terrific Board we have comprised of key area companies, University faculty and Providers. Claudia recognized the Board and also thanked Dale Carpenter, VP at Strive Logistics and our Roundtable Advisor, for his consistent help and guidance.

Next, Michael Maltz, Director, Global SCM at Johnson Controls and VP of CSCMP Milwaukee Roundtable provided an introduction of the Keynote Speaker – Evan Armstrong.

Mr. Armstrong provided a great update on 3PL’s that included recently conducted research into the Mexican logistics, dedicated contract carriage and value-added warehousing markets.  Highlights of this research were highlighted in conjunction with the latest third-party financial statistics for the U.S. and major global economies.  He also spoke on current merger and acquisition activity and the status of major third-party logistics providers by region was examined.  Click here to download this truly enlightening presentation.

Panelists (L to R): Jim Hendrickson, Tom Fiser, Anthony Ross, Peter Luksys.

Rounding out the evening was an esteemed panel comprised of Industry professionals as well as University Faculty.

  1. Jim Hendrickson VP & General Manager – Logistics Solutions – Pitney Bowes
  2. Tom Fiser– Director of Logistics, North American Product Supply at SC Johnson
  3. Anthony RossUW Milwaukee, Rockwell Automation Endowed Chair in SCM
  4. Peter  LukszysUW Madison School of Business, Senior Lecturer, Director of Applied Learning, Grainger Center for SCM

We look forward to providing you further education, networking and personal & professional development through Milwaukee CSCMP Roundtable.